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Dedicated to Safety

Inside, Outside, and Up Top – SafeGrip Has Your Business Covered

SafeGrip’s mission is to help our customers improve the look, performance, and overall safety of their buildings.

We achieve this by providing several professional services – including our SafeGrip Treatment. This service was what we first offered our customers, and throughout the years we have reduced the danger of slip and fall accidents with the application of our revolutionary solution. It takes more than a caution sign to protect your company and clients from slip and fall injuries and lawsuits! Our anti-slip product creates safe surfaces all around the world.

In addition, we also offer exterior building and parking lot restoration, which removes oil stains, blemishes, and other eyesores from sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, and other outdoor areas. Using hot, high-pressure washers our professional crews can blast away grime, leaving your exterior clean and inviting. We also offer treatments for concrete floors that bring new life to your business, while providing a safe, non-slip finish.

Finally, SafeGrip has extended our expertise into the area of inverted roof membrane assembly (IRMA). This roof structure is commonly used in many buildings, and features a top membrane that – once punctured or broken – allows water to seep in. Over time, this moisture can damage everything from automobiles to office interiors.

The problem with an IRMA roof is that you might not even know you have a problem! Luckily, our team of professionals can visit your building, provide a free estimate, and then quickly clean your IRMA roof.

Our team is highly-skilled, trained and insured. We hire only the best team members to ensure a consistent, quality experience for each and every customer.

At SafeGrip, we are dedicated to helping our clients – whether they are next door or across the ocean – keep their buildings and properties safe, clean, and inviting.

To schedule an appointment, or find out more, contact SafeGrip today: (410) 913-6113 or email.