Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions over the years.  If you have any further questions, or if you would rather speak to us instead, please do not hesitate to call or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The chemicals themselves are not 'green.'  But keep in mind that this is not a coating.  So after our treatment to microscopically alter the chemical composition of the surface, we neutralize and completely remove any liquid used in the process.  There will be no trace of any chemicals when we are finished.  This is one of many reasons why the resorts in many of the islands call on us to resolve their slippery floor issues.

Our application process will be effective on tile, marble, concrete, bathtubs, or any porous surface.  it is NOT effective on wood, vinyl, or any surface that has been painted.  We do offer many forms of surface preparation to remove epoxy, paint, linoleum, or vinyl.

This is NOT a coating.  Our application process will change the chemical composition of the surface to create a microscopic tread when the surface is wet.  See the 'how it works' tab on our site for a more detailed explanation.

You will not be required to change your regular maintenance of the the surface.  In some cases, we do recommend alternative options if the floors were not being cleaned properly.  But taking the recommendation is not contingent on the effectiveness of our process.

The ADA and OSHA require your surface to maintain a slip coefficient of .6 or higher when wet.  Once your surface is treated, your surface will be in full compliance with the ADA and OSHA.  This, in turn, decreases the likelihood of a lawsuit from a slip and fall accident as well.

We have been working with various insurance companies as well as brokers to educate them on our process.  We have illustrated that the effects our process will significantly reduce the number of slip and fall accidents for their policyholders.  When the loss prevention managers from the various insurance companies require a slip coefficient to be raised, we are often recommended for the job.  Even if your insurance company will not reduce the premium for having the process completed, the substantial decrease in slip and fall claims from your property will certainly not increase your premiums.  It will also clearly decrease the number of lawsuits brought against your property.  In addition, when you are sued by an employee, patron, or guest, they will have a very difficult time proving negligence.  After all, you were proactive in repairing the slippery floors before the fall occurred.  So don't wait!

There is normally no noticable smell.  There are some occasions when the ratio of chemcial is very low that a trace smell is notcied.  In those rare cases, the client will always be well aware of that potential.

Without more information, this is a very difficult question to answer.  The cost is generated using several factors.  The type, color, size, and location of the surface.  Please contact us with some basic information and we will give you an approximate square foot price.  In some cases, we will visit the site to test the surface.  This test will illustrate the effectiveness of the process as well as determine the ratio of chemicals that we will use.  You will always know the exact cost of the job before we begin.

The only changes you may see will be realated to the cleanliness of your surface.  An ancillary beneift of our slip proofing process is an extreme cleaning of the surface.  In order for the application to be effective, the floor will be cleaned to a 'nearly new' state.  These changes are often seen more with grout that used to be gray and over the years has turned black.  Our process will lighten the grout but only because of the cleaning.  Although our primary business is reducing slip and fall accidents, we are often hired for an 'extreme clean.'  This is often the case for concrete, restaurant kitchens, high traffic lobby's, or any other surface that needs to be cleaned to a 'nearly new' state.  One of our commercial property owners said "This is worth it just to have it this clean!'  The surface will be treated with the same process as the slip proofing.

The amount of time the treatment will last depends on the surface being treated.  For example, a highly polished lobby area made of marble will be gauranteed to remain at or above the required ADA and OSHA .6 slip coefficnet for 3-5 years, depending on the color of the surface.  A porcelin bathtub on the other hand will remain at or above .6 for decades.  Once we test your surface, we will clearly state how long it will last.