Our Process – The SafeGrip Treatment

Reducing the danger of slip and fall accidents – while providing the floor with a deep cleaning that cleaning companies cannot achieve – SafeGrip’s application takes a few hours of time and is completed by our trained crews.

Stage One – Site Evaluation

We begin with a site evaluation that includes:

  •  A test to insure that our process will be effective on the proposed surface.
  •  Setting the chemical ratio with the application time.
  •  Determining the amount of drainage available, if any.

Stage Two – Application

The next step is to schedule a time to apply and complete the process. The actual time it takes to apply SafeGrip depends upon the surface and surface area. For example, a white matte finish ceramic tile floor might use a 10:1 water to chemical ratio and be left on the surface for about 12 minutes. A dark floor with a higher shine may use a 50:1 ratio and be left on for 25 minutes. Application is performed with sprayers in larger areas like an airport bathroom, or we can apply SafeGrip directly using a mop in smaller areas like a restaurant kitchen. The actual application is fairly simple and is often completed after the business closes for the evening.

Stage Three – Finishing

After application, we will completely remove any chemical using one of two methods. In areas like bathtubs, gym showers, and restaurant kitchens, excess liquids are easily discarded. Areas without drainage require the use of mops, shallow pumps, and high velocity floor fans. The surface will be ready for foot traffic immediately upon completion and no odor will be present.



Stage Four – Clean Floors!

Built in dirt and grime can make your floors look dull and unappealing, but thanks to SafeGrip, your business will shine! You will also notice that your floors are cleaner and brighter, thanks to the SafeGrip application. Clean floors leave a lasting impression on clients and customers, and show that your business cares about appearances.


Exterior Building Entrance and Parking Lot Restoration

You invest a great deal of time, and money, to make sure the interior of your business looks clean and inviting. After all, customers want to spend time in a store or business that makes them feel comfortable and welcome. But what about the outside of your business? Parking lots and sidewalks get a great deal of use, and over time they can become spotted and stained with oil, gas, gum, and other types of dirt and grime. This dirt can make a shopping center, strip mall, or other retail establishment appear dirty and uninviting. SafeGrip can turn your sidewalks and parking lots into sparkling, attractive areas that welcome customers, making them want to spend time at your business. The process we use removes stains and other blemishes – while protecting the environment, thanks to our EPA-approved methods.

Our services are perfect for:

  •  Retail stores
  •  Hotels
  •  Nursing homes
  •  Apartment complexes
  •  Office buildings
  •  Parking lots and garages
  •  Any business or area that receives outdoor traffic!

If the sidewalks and walkways around your business need additional help, SafeGrip has the answer: Rustoleum 10x treatment coating. Ten times thicker than similar products, this solution forms a tough, resilient coating over concrete – and is also non-slip and lasts for years. Our crews apply Rustoleum 10x with all of the proper equipment, and when the job is complete, the results are unbelievable. This treatment is perfect for everything from exterior sidewalks to public areas to pool decks and patios. We have worked with numerous property management companies, which means that we are familiar with large jobs that require speed and efficiency.

Besides making sure your sidewalks and parking lots are clean, we will also remove all litter and refuse from the area. We can be contracted to provide this service on a regular basis, and it is priced to suit any budget. Make your business look as good on the outside as it does on the inside with SafeGrip’s cleaning services. Our experienced technicians perform their jobs quickly and professionally, and your customers will notice.


Floor Enhancement

It is said that first impressions are everything. Forbes magazine has shown that clients decide what they think about you in seven seconds. Seven seconds! The floors of your business should be sparkling when your clients and customers walk through them. SafeGrip offers unparalleled cleaning solutions that don’t just clean your floors, but also enhance their overall look and feel. Our hot water pressure cleaning technique will allow your customers to feel comfortable and welcome in your business, which can lead to better business decisions and help drive your bottom line. SafeGrip’s cleaning services are also available to property management companies. We have years of experience dealing with larger scale projects, and because we have teams of fully equipped employees, getting to your multiple properties is never a problem – whether it’s two properties or 20!