Inside or Outside SafeGrip Solutions
Has Your Property Covered!


We reduce the danger of slip and fall accidents with our special tread application – which also provides your floors with a deep cleaning that other companies cannot achieve. All it takes is a few hours of service from our trained crews!

Stage One – Site Evaluation

Stage Two – Application

Stage Three – Finishing

Stage Four – Slip Free & Clean Floors!


Built in dirt and grime make your floors and exterior walkways look dull and unappealing– but SafeGrip’s solutions make them shine! We use high power, hot water cleaning methods to blast away stains and dirt. After we are finished, your walkways will look new again.

You invest a great deal of time, and money, to make sure the interior of your business looks clean and inviting – but what about the outside of your business?


Oil, gas, gum, and high traffic leave ugly stains and spots on parking lots and sidewalks that make the outside of your establishment look dirty and uninviting – and can negatively impact business. SafeGrip’s solution uses EPA-approved methods, and hot water, to remove stains and other blemishes. The result is an exterior that is clean and inviting.


We can cover the sidewalks and walkways around your business with a solution that is ten times thicker than similar products, and forms a tough, resilient coating over concrete. Non-slip, durable, and available in over 40 colors! Perfect for everything from exterior sidewalks to public areas to pool decks and patios.

REPAIR – Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA) Repair

An IRMA roof can hold moisture if the top membrane has been punctured. This water can leak out and damage your building and tenants’ property, including automobiles in parking garages, office space, and personal belongings.

SafeGrip’s solution begins with a free visit and estimate of your IRMA roof. Trained professionals repair or replace the roof, and take before and after photos.


While we repair your IRMA roof, we professionally power wash the base of the roof and clean out the interior drains.

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